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I Flew Through My Strength Today

I was definitely pleasantly surprised today. My strength for the day felt fucking great. All of my lifts were explosive and I needed very little rest between sets.

The squats were a moderately weighted 215 pounds. No problem for me to back squat this weight these days and I did just that today. The reps were all very fast and explosive and looked great, at least the sets I recorded did. I make a lot of use of my phone to record sets to see how they look afterwards but today I didn’t really feel I needed to bother too much with it.

On a side note I remembered incorrectly and almost did extra weight today. I realized and caught myself as I was loading the bar by remembering what I did last session. Sure enough when I checked I saw I copied the wrong number. I could have done it but I’ve been forcing myself to stick to the program.

Next up was strict presses at 117 pounds. That’s getting up there for me but I knocked out off three sets in short order. I was resting less than two minutes between sets of these just like I was with the back squats. These too were fast and explosive reps.

Next up were the power cleans at a fairly light 150 pounds. These were very easy today and I had extremely quick elbows. My timing was pretty much spot on for these.

After that I ate a little something and relaxed a few minutes to digest then decided since I hadn’t put my barbell away I would do some hip thrusts at the 150 pounds. Definitely light weight for me but these are a fairly new exercise for me so I am taking it slow. I’m hoping the help me improve glute activation.

I also used the bar loaded with 150 for deadlifts, light deadlifts but using the fat gripz I just got and they definitely lit up the forearms. I’m hoping those will help with my grip which is my biggest weakness with deadlifts. Time will tell but they were a relatively cheap addition to the toolbox.

I had wanted to go for nice decently long row on the concept2 but time got away from me. That and the fact that my legs just feel like lead weights after all of the squat and step ups the past few days.

Music today was Atheist.