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Crushed The Sets Of Squats At My Old Trinium One Rep Max!

Today I am feeling really good and accomplished about my strength session. It has been a long time coming to make it to this mile stone with a few false starts on the way here. There were several mental blocks that helped prevent me from reaching this long time goal but I finally got it.

it all started out with the big positive not for today’s strength work. I was set to do my old Crossfit Trinium one rep max weight for three sets of five. keep in mind that was one ugly ass one rep max and I knew it at the time so that’s created a mental block at that weight ever since that time a few years ago. I was close to making it the last time I was set to do this weight a little over a month ago but the mind block shut it down the last set.

Today I was determined that I’d make it considering how fast and explosive the sets at 260 pounds were last session. The warm up sets felt heavy today.. They weren’t giving me good vibes but they looked good and safe so I pushed. I got to the first working set at 265 pounds and while it felt extremely heavy on my back the reps themselves didn’t feel that bad. The second set was feeling better. The third set of five squats at the 265 felt the best. They almost felt easy. Both mentally and physically I felt like I was walking on the clouds after that. You always feel so light after heavy sets of squats or deadlifts or a heavy WOD! It really felt like there’s plenty more in the tank for these sets of back squats. I’m hoping I can keep the mental fortitude to keep pushing out of my comfort zone with these as long as I can perform them in a safe manner.

The shoulder presses were nothing special at a light 105 pounds. Mentally I wasn’t there but I got through them with no issues so that’s a good thing.

The power cleans were rough. They were a moderate weight for five sets of three at 170 pounds but after the heavy squats my legs were dead. I got through them but it was by no means easy either mentally of physically. My brain was feeling pretty fried after smashing my main goal for today, the back squats.

Today’s music was the classic Lykathea Aflame’s Elvenefris album. I am glad I had finally broke down and bought it when it was available.