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I'm Definitely Back In The Swing Of Things With My Strength Now

Although I have been doing my strength work for the past week there has been some reluctance in me wondering if I should do it or rest or back off a bit. Today’s the first day since starting back up I haven’t felt any hesitation at all.

I am thankful to have that feeling back. While I love doing the WODS the strength is what gives me inner peace with myself. It’s just me versus the weights and gravity. My vision doesn’t matter even in the least bit with pure strength anymore. I have built the mental map of the how far to step out for squats and trust in reracking bench press that it just makes me happy. Even a failure day to me is a good day because it’s only temporary. Many of the WODS tend to have visually frustrating aspects that are beyond my control.

The squats I did today felt great. It was a really easy five sets of five at 205 pounds. It felt lighter than it should have. Really I just felt connected with the weight and we moved as one rather than me moving the weight. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that way. I just think working on overhead squats yesterday gave me a better mind muscle connection to understand the mobility that I have now.

Bench press also felt great. For this it was pretty light at 150 pounds but I got through it easily at five sets of five. I feel like I am finally making progress at this lift which I’ve always struggled with. We didn’t work on it enough in Crossfit to really improve it since it wasn’t all that useful in Crossfit. I really only do it to balance out my back but none the less I am happy with at least the feeling that I am making some progress.

The good mornings were nothing special at the 80 pounds I’ve been using for a while. Today I was pushing for more of a stretch and it felt pretty good.

Today I just feel like I had an excellent day in the garage gym all together. Maybe it’s that I had a good night’s sleep. My mind is more clear than it usually is too. Who knows why but I’ll take a great day when they come but more importantly I’ll fight through a shitty day when they come too.

Today’s music was Charred Walls Of The Damned. I know it’s not the typical death metal I listen to but I wanted something different today.