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Strength Felt Great Today After The Last Session Of Failures

Today was a great day for my strength. Unlike the last session where even the light 135 warm up sets felt terrible and super heavy they, along with even the working sets felt great, light and explosive today.

My back squats today at 245 felt pretty great save a couple of sloppy reps. Other than the couple of sloppy reps they were all fast and explosive and feeling pretty light. I had failed this weight the other day but made the decision that I would give it another go give than it’s a weight I fell I should be able to make just about any day. I hadn’t slept much the other day and my knee was super achy from twisting it tripping on something coming down the stairs. On that day the bar felt crushing. Even the light warm up sets felt too heavy but that wasn’t the case at all today, thankfully. I did my three sets of five at the 245 pounds with relative ease today.

Today was bench press day. Not exactly a lift that is all that important to me or one that I am in love with but I like to do it for something different. I had to do three sets of five at 180 pounds today and the first and third set felt pretty easy. The second set was bit tougher and weird but in hindsight I had gripped the bar off center so the balance was off. Visually impairment problems right there. I have a problem with all lefts at times getting centered on the barbell. Another blindness problem comes setting up the bench for bench press it’s also next to impossible to get the bench centered correctly and not on some slight angle. I make it work though and get good lifts in so it’s all good.

Then I had to do my good mornings. Once again as I will be for the foreseeable future I did them and 180 pounds. They felt easy and the weight was light but I just am very hesitant to add weight to them.

I would definitely consider today a success for sure which was nice to follow up the off day in general with all of my lifts two days ago. Their will be bad days though and just getting through them mentally and to the best of my ability for that day will make me better. It’s like Nan used to say, “You take the good with the bad.”

Today’s music choice was Obscura again.