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I Finally Broke The Strict Press 3 x 5 Plateau

I feel like I had a fairly successful day today in the home gym after running myself down yesterday rowing a 10k and then doing a bunch of shoulder stuff with Molly.

The squats weren’t bad to do today at lest at a nice 220 pounds. They felt really good and looked really good so I am happy about that. Knee is a bit achy but no big deal.

The big positive today was definitely the shoulder press though. This is the one lift I’d made no progress on for the three by five I’ve been doing. I’ve always failed at or just below 130 pounds which is weird considering on a good day I can easy do 155 for a single and I can do 145 for one just about any day. They’ve always died at the sticking point just over head. I know I’ve been needing to fight that sticking point yet I just haven’t had the confidence in my technique to push through it. Today I did push through it for several reps.