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Heavy Squats Felt Light Today

Today was was of those strange days when it comes to strength where it just feels light. I really wish that could happen more often so I wouldn’t overthink it when it when the weight gets heavier.

First up were the squats at 255 pounds. For repping, especially five reps a set this is a relatively heavy weight for me. I’ve always had more trouble repping weights than I have had with heavy singles. I don’t know why that is but it has always been the case for me.

The weight felt really fucking heavy on my back today but that’s more an angry trap from yesterday’s WOD. The squats themselves felt only moderately heavy. It didn’t feel like the 85ish percent of my 12 rep max that it actually was. Even after the last set it felt like there was more in the tank today which hasn’t been the case the past couple of sessions. I briefly considered AMRAPing it but decided against that for today. I’ll be testing all of my maxes in a few weeks anyways. The lifts all felt pretty fast and explosive today. If there’s one thing for sure I know I definitely cannot complain any about how the back squats looked or felt today.

The presses were easy but they were a light 102 pounds today. It’s definitely good that they were light as I don’t know how my shoulder would have cooperated with heavy shoulder presses today after all the renegade rows I did yesterday’s WOD at a significantly heavier weight that I’d done them in the past. It was also the first time I have done those rows in several years except at the gym we called them man makers.

Finally the deadlifts felt really good other than my toes on my one foot not liking them the first couple of reps. Doing dumbbell power cleans the other day I attempted to make the dumbbell and my toes occupy the same space. I just don’t have the mental spacial map of those yet and just had them too close to my feed. The deadlifts today were at only 265 pounds but they felt super light and looked good so that’s all that really matters to me right now.

I also decided to do Street Parking’s power workout for this week since it shouldn’t interfere too much with my strength.

The first part was six sets of four bench press increasing weights each set. This is really the only reason I chose to do it. Typically I only bench press once a week and I make it no secret at all that bench is a somewhat weak lift for me. I ended up working up to 195. I am happy with that for today. Maybe on a good day I could go heavier but I really wasn’t feeling the bench press today. I had a hell of a time getting centered on the bar and getting the bench centered which made it more challenging that it had to be.

The other part of the power was 4 sets of single arm dumbbell pressed. I did a fairly easy and conservative 35 pounds on this today. hindsight says maybe I should have gone with the 45 or 50 pound dumbbells but it’s one of those things that’s gonna take a little while to feel out where I am with the dumbbell stuff given that they’re new tools in the toolbox for us to have available.

I may do a WOD later. We’ll see how I feel after the Flyers game and supper today.

The music choice for today has been Deeds Of Flesh again. I really do love their cover of Gorguts’ Orphans of Sickness!