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Got 3 Squats At 280 Again Today

I actually slept pretty good last night. We had a rum and coke with Domino’s Pizza for supper. Usually, that sort of thing interferes with my sleep, but it didn’t seem to hinder my rest this time.

I woke up early and took my thyroid pill, since I didn’t wake up overnight to take it. I was able to fall back to sleep for an hour or two, so it worked out pretty good. When I got up, I felt well rested and enjoyed my coffee. I thought about getting to my back squats for today pretty early. I was feeling a little nervous about the weight.

It was about 9:00 this morning when I figured it was late enough to get out there in the home gym and attack my back squats. As I was warming up, they were feeling pretty good at the lighter weights. I did notice my knees were clicking more than normal, but no pain, so I kept building. For me, the super light weighed squats while warming up tend to feel a little off. I think it’s more with the lighter weight shifting my balance a bit. Once I get up to near body weight is when they start feeling great, and that’s what happened today.

Today was the three rep day, and it turns out it was the same weight I hit three reps at the last cycle for the one plus set. I knew I should be able to get at least that three again, but the weight was still having me a little nervous. It turns out, the first two reps felt really great. The third one felt like I was a little off, but the video showed that it looked great. I guess I was just feeling the heavy weight while fatigued. It wasn’t really all that slow and stayed over my foot. My back didn’t even give slightly.

I’m glad that I play it safe, but today was just another example of me being overly cautious. After seeing the video, I know I should have gone for at least one more rep, and probably two. It’s okay, though, I guess. It’s better to think I should have, then wish I wouldn’t have while sitting here with a trashed back or something.

I relaxed for a few hours and recovered from those heavy squats. It was bright and sunny and near fifty today, so I even sat out in the sunshine for a while. I thought about what wanted to do for a WOD today. I’d already done today’s since it was the vault WOD and I like to get that done as soon as possible in case something comes up. While searching for one, I found an old that looked interesting to me. This one that was sandbag push presses (I did strict) and back squats along with hop overs. Hop overs are dumb and slowed me down, but I still made the middle of the goal time. It took a while to get my heart rate up with it. The slow hop overs were more of a recovery than anything, but by the end of that fifteen minutes my heart rate was very high.

Music today was Pearl Jam