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Squats Were Really Tough Today

I slept great last night. I have slept really well the past few nights, and it’s been refreshing, to say the least. With that said, I woke up feeling good and enjoyed my coffee while playing some Xbox. Well, some Xbox and some surfing the web. I wish I could bottle up this good sleep and save it for later, since it’s so uncommon for me. Even more so, I wish I could know what helps me sleep well.

I grabbed the mail, then decided that it was a good time to get my squats in. I went upstairs, got changed, and went out into the home gym to get the work done.

The first thing I noticed was that the empty bar felt super heavy today. The light sets felt even worse as I was warming up. At that point, I decided to take my time working up in weights, and that’s just what I did. I was hoping they’d start feeling better like they usually do when I feel like this, but that didn’t happen today.

The working sets, of course, felt even worse, but at least the lighter sets felt doable. The five at two hundred and fifteen pounds felt pretty tough for the weight, but I got through it with no issues. The same is true with the set at two hundred and forty pounds. Man, that felt tough today. I double-checked the plates on the bar to make sure I didn’t add the wrong plates. I got through it okay, but it felt heavy. It left me thinking about how I couldn’t imagine how I’d done this weight for twenty reps when I was doing the twenty-rep squats. But today, I was left wondering how the hell I ever did that, let alone the five reps I did do.

That final set at a heavy two hundred and seventy-five pounds felt brutally heavy. My best at that weight is seven reps, but today that wasn’t happening. I got five, and that left me feeling completely drained. The bar felt so heavy that it felt more like a single weight, but today I needed at least five. As for the squat movement, they felt good and solid. Just super crushing. The important thing is that I can end today’s session knowing that I successfully did a hard thing. I didn’t even bother to record it today because I thought I would fail and didn’t want that on video. Obviously, I didn’t fail. This weight for today was ten pounds over my Crossfit Trinium max, and I’m five years older now!

I wound up not doing a WOD today. I was going to do one late this afternoon, well after I recovered, but got caught up in something. I also stretched out in bed on my tablet for a bit and felt like I could fall asleep then. Time just got away. I think the squats left me mentally drained.

Music for my squats today was Candlemass