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Deadlift Fail At 305 Pounds Today

The inevitable happened today. Going through the street parking’s starting strength program I finally failed at deadlifts. Other than bench press these are probably one of the my weakest lifts compared to where it should be. Grip strength has hurt these in the past for me not to mention earlier on I tended to pull with a bit of a rounded back and knew I did so preventing me from being too aggressive with the weight. I certainly want big weights but the progress needs to be in as safe a manner as possible. Anything else is counterproductive to my goal of being as healthy as possible.

Over the years the back rounding situation has improved immensely to the point that I keep a truly flat back. I don’t think it was ever really a strength issue for me as it was a muscle control and proprioceptive issue. No doubt that me tending to look down all the time because of my poor vision has exasperated that issue. It’s slowly improved over time and now I feel when it’s night flat.

I am maybe a bit disappointed about failing the deadlifts but I’m also happy with it. I made if further than I thought I might when beginning this journey. I strongly believe on a different day I make the lifts but I only had about four hours of sleep last night with being woken up by the thunderstorms this morning and my ass has been dragging all day. No worries though, I’ll lower the weight next week and build back up to it in no time and hopefully crush it.

On a positive note it got into the 70s and sunny today so I took a nap on the patio chair collecting some sun and vitamin D and enjoy some nice cold ice water. We won’t ever go without an ice maker on a refrigerator again!