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I Finally Squatted 255 For 3 x 5

First things first I did not sleep well last night and have been tired all morning so I didn’t have all that much hope for my strength today. It’s also pretty hot out already at 9ish in the morning. I turned the air on but still I didn’t want to wait around too long. It was definitely more humid than yesterday was.

The warm up sets felt pretty good although a lot slower today than last time. I can say that I was definitely not feeling all that explosive with the squats. 235 felt heavy as hell but I did get through it without much difficulty. On to 255. This is the weight I’ve failed a couple of times now. I think it’s a large mental roadblock to me considering when we went to the old Crossfit gym this was essentially a heavy single weight for me. I did once in there squat morning 265. I made it but never really counted it since my form took a shit and it wasn’t really a safe movement. I had gotten well above that for heavy singles here last summer. Up around 305ish or 295 on any day.

Today I had to do that 255 pounds for three sets of five and had every intentional of making it since my previous fails had nothing to do with form breaking. They were more mental fails than anything. Today with the poor sleep it felt soul crushingly heavy but didn’t look bad and felt doable. I got through them all. The only minor issue I had is not walking it out quite far enough the last set and bumping the j cup on the way up for the last rep but it didn’t cause any issues.

The strict presses went well but that was expected given that it was a light weight for them. I only had to do 102 pounds today.

The deadlifts felt heavy as fuck and were relatively heavy at 275 for singles. I got through them all though and didn’t have to even used mixed grip. Chalk was nice to have with such sweaty hands. I am happy with it.

A little while later I decided to do tomorrow’s WOD. Another repeat from about six months ago. I did the same sandbag version I did before and knocked off about 3 minutes from my previous time.

Today’s Music for strength and the WOD was Reverend Bizarre.