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I've Been Thinking Maybe I Should Try A Belt For Lifting

I was watching lifting videos this morning and I noticed the belt and it dawned on me that I have never used one. I haven’t even tried using one since I never felt the need. It’s kind of hard to even test out using one if you don’t have one.

It just never occurred to me before to even consider getting one thinking it would be like the other things I was told I’d need for Crossfit. I bought them and never used them. Thankfully they were pretty cheap but still the grips, wrist straps and even knee sleeves don’t get much if any use.

The grips just never worked for me. That extra layer just made me feel too disconnected from the bar. I never really “got” kipping so it was never that big an issue for me. Hell, the only time I ripped my hands was when the grand kids told me it’s my turn to do the monkey bars.

I do on rare occasions use the knee sleeves at least. Seems to be a little more often in the winter when I find them helpful.

One disadvantage of doing stuff in our home gym as a opposed to a commercial one is if I went a belt I have to buy one, even if it’s just to try it out. In a regular gym I am sure I would be able to ask to borrow someone’s just to try it out.

I don’t even know for sure whether I will buy one or not. It’s just an idea I am open to considering trying out in the new future. I certainly wouldn’t want to rely on one but if it would help me have more faith in heavier deadlifts maybe it would be a tool worth having available in the toolbox.

I have never felt the need for one even at heavy single back squats. I haven’t reached a point where I feel like my back is giving at least since I’ve learned to set it better than earlier on in my lifting adventures. I am considering doing Smolov jr this fall so it may be worth testing it before then and if it feels okay having it readily available to me. I like experimenting on myself and testing new ideas and thoughts.