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One Of Those Days

Today was definitely one of those days. You know the days where normal tasks seem to be a pretty good challenge. Mentally I am not here and I’m not really here physically too much either.

It started out from waking up a bit early from some weird ass dream. There was some girl who I feel like I should know that had something wrong but wouldn’t say what it was. It’s left me with that off feeling all day. Almost like a bit of doomed feeling.

The other thing is I woke up with my eye still irritated this morning from a bug flying directly into it last evening. It may have been just something blowing into it too. Just as I was walking out the door a little gust of wind came from the side and something blew or flew into the corner of my eye.

Physically my legs, especially hamstrings, are done from doing the farmers lunges yesterday with the 40 pound dumbbells. That was a movement that I don’t remember ever doing before. If I did in at the old gym it was with very light weight given that it’s only been the past few months that I’ve mastered balance with lunges after much practice here in a non timed setting. I got through them easily. All the sets of 12 were unbroken yesterday which was indeed a pleasant surprise. They did seem to load my legs a bit differently from even other forms of weighted lunges. We also did another WOD together that involved dumbbell power cleans. I used the 40s for that too. I believe that was the first time I performed those in a WOD setting and it’s a bit more of a stretch of the glutes / hamstrings to reach the dumbbell handles than the barbell or sandbag. I really didn’t push the intensity in either of these two WODS that I did yesterday considering they were new movements to me and by no means are they in muscle memory yet.

Today for my strength the first thing was nice moderately heavy back squats at 250 pound for three by five. They felt good but were sure were feeling heavy today. I did notice from the video that I was getting ass to grass which makes them harder too. It seems that I have really gotten that deep squat ability back again. I hadn’t really lost it but I was having a little bit of butt wink with it so I worked my way back down to it. The worst part of the back squats today was my nose starting to eat after I unracked the last set and set up to squat. I just stood there forever debating whether I should see if it passes or scratch it.

The presses at least were light at a mere 100 pounds. Even that felt sort of heavy today but I got through them easily. It was more mentally tough than physically.

The power cleans for today were at 165 pounds. Not heavy but not light. They felt weird and slow today. I guess my legs are tired and out of sync from all the lunges yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t hard or anything like that. I just felt slow with them.

The music today was once again Obscura. I’ve been addicted to them the past week or two.