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Strength Felt Excellent Today

I woke up early today and well rested. It’s been a while. Finally we’ve been able to sleep with just the fan instead of the air conditioner which always allows me to have a better night’s sleep. The air conditioner is nice to make it more tolerable but the sound of them tends to keep me awake or annoy me a bit 95% of the time. The fan is quiet on low and it lets some of the outside noises in which tend to relax me.

First of all my squats felt amazing today. No crampy legs like the other day so I felt really comfortable with movement and nice deep squats today. I felt a little looser than normal which also helps me get deeper without my back rounding. I got through the programmed 240 pound back squats today but did two extra sets for 5x5. I sort of considered turning the last set into an AMRAP but I decided not to press my luck. The cool thing about today is I started early enough that I was still drinking my coffee between sets. Coffee and lifting, what more could one ask for?

The strict presses felt really good for my 3x5 at 125 pounds. Last session the strict press just felt tough physically and mentally. Today they were all smooth and relatively easy considering this weight is getting heavy for me. I have no complains about how these went.

Next up on today’s agenda was the power cleans at 160. Unlike last week where I felt slow and out of sync with just poor timing, today they were nice and explosive. The bar felt light and quick today with everything just seemingly clicking like it should do.

After I was done with my strength stuff I did some bro stuff with the dumbbells. Why not? As long as it doesn’t become detrimental to what I really want to be good at, weightlifting, why not add a bit of muscle if I can. Maybe then my mom won’t ask if I have a pheochromocytoma because I’m losing weight. Funny thing is I stopped losing weight a few months ago. The scale has been stable but fat continues to go.

After recovering for a few hours I did the sandbag version of the WOD today. 10 sandbag clean and jerks, 15 supine toe touches 10 more clean and jerks and then 15 sandbag facing burpees. The burpees as always slowed me down for this particular WOD but even more so today as there’s still a little oil on the floor from the brand new dumbbells and my sweat mixing with that made for a few small spots that were slippery like wet ice. It wasn’t terrible but I did take some extra caution given that I am doing the jump overs in a fairly tight space. A face plant into the rack or something wouldn’t feel too great. As the WOD progressed I got more confident and went a little faster but still slower than I could have if I had failure space. Really I wish Crossfit type of workouts would lose the obsession with burpees over objects but I know I’ve said that before.

At least the 50 pound sandbag was light. I had considered attempting this WOD with 75 pounds but thought it might be best to save that for another day with the residual slipperiness on the floor. Maybe next time I’ll go out of my comfort zone again

The music choice for both the lifting and the WOD today was SLAYER. It’s nice to revisit an old favorite from high school sometimes!