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Decided To Go For A Crossfit Total

I decided to go for a Crossfit total this weekend. It’s been well over a year since I’ve had current numbers and I thought I needed to see where I stand. We’re going to do it again in September but I did it today.

I wasn’t really feeling it today but went for it anyways and I am happy I did. I wasn’t going for all out maxes but instead I was going for heavy for today singles.

The squats felt good. I felt extra mobile today for what ever reason. Hitting nice fairly upright and deep squats! The warm up sets were all explosive and fast. 275 was my first single attempt. I knew I would make it as that’s a weight I can hit pretty much any day plus it’s above my mental block at 265 that I’ve wrote about in the past. It felt so good that I went for a 20 pound jump to 295. That was heavy but fast and explosive. I went for 300 next and that was fast and explosive. It even felt and looked better than 295. Given that I didn’t want to make too many attempts with not feeling all that focused today I decided my goal was met and gave my self one more lift at 315 with no second tries for today. That was a fail. I didn’t really lose position or anything. My brain just shut it down. I feel like on a good day I could have made it. It didn’t even feel all that heavy.

Strict press felt good at 135. It felt so good that I jumped to 155. That I believe was my all time max but I seem to have lost that note. The lift today was explosive and easy. I thought I’d give myself one more lift and push it so I tried 165. That failed at about eye level. I thought my back was giving but the video didn’t show that at all. Oh well. Safety overall else is my best practice.

Dead lifts weren’t ideal in anyways. I only made 275. I just repped that weight the other day. I was having one of those days where the setup felt weird. No matter what I tried the setup and very beginning of the pull felt just wrong. I’ve struggled with this for a long time now. I think it’s just residual when I was unable to really set my back early on in learning proper form and now if it doesn’t feel just right I don’t trust it at all.

Later on we knocked out a team WOD together. It was way too hot for that shit but we did it and I am glad we did.