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Best Ribs Around

We love going to J.B. Dawson’s for their ribs and have really missed them during the pandemic. Every single time we’ve gotten the ribs there, they’re always falling off the bone and taste great.

Their options for sides aren’t really something I’m thrilled with, but the coleslaw is good. The thing that that throws me off is they have three different price levels for them and even in the most expensive ones there’s not much I’m really thrilled with. The ribs are great and that’s the reason we go there.

We were a little concerned that with COVID-19 and many places having trouble hiring enough people that the ribs may not have been as good, but that wasn’t the case. They were just about as perfect as they normally were in the past, if not better than before.

Turns out, this was the first place that we went out to eat at outside of Mount Joy in well over a year. Going here was certainly not a disappointment. Harvey’s in Mount Joy has good ribs, but they’re not consistently just right like J.B. Dawson’s are. They were just as good as always with being fall of the bone and all that good stuff. The only bad thing for me about the place is they have poor lighting, but that’s pretty standard for restaurants.