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Fast Food

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We have had fast food twice in the past few weeks. At least what I think of as fast food. It was okay I guess but it made me realize how often we used to eat it and how expensive it’s become.

Best Ribs Around

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J.B. Dawsons in Lancaster has the best ribs that I have had around here. Other places have decent but inconstant ribs, but at this place they’re always just right.

Fresh Strawberries

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One of the nice things about living here in Lancaster County is that there are small stands at some farms. There’s one just outside of Mount Joy that we tend to buy strawberries from and other stuff as it comes into season.

It's Friday So We Got Joys!

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It’s Friday so we did our normal thing and got our takeout from Joy’s Tavern. We’ve been enjoying their takeout food and drinks since spring. The food is always good and their sauce for the onion rings is just amazing! Today I got a burger for a change. I’ve been getting cheese steaks but I wanted something different today so I ended up with the burger. It has peppers and stuff on it and it’s really tasty.

Two Things I Miss For Breakfast Around Here That You Just Don't Really See That Often

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I have no idea why it popped into my mind this morning but I had the sudden urge to get a pork roll and cheese sandwich and eat it. I can’t really think of seeing that available around here but if I did get it then it was nothing to write home about. I used to get these often at either the Colonial Deli on the way to the community college or at the cafeteria there.

Black Licorice Ice Cream

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My girlfriend has been wanting Black licorice ice cream forever since she loves ice cream and black licorice. I personally made fun of her saying it sounds disgusting and that’s why we could never find it. Finally I found it at icecreamsource.com so I paid entirely too much to get a pint shipped. I understand why it cost so much now after seeing how it was packaged in a cooler and dry ice.

Joy's For Takeout Again

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We’ve gotten food and drinks from Joy’s Tavern for our weekly eating out night for the past few weeks. The food each time has been awesome. Other than last week (our own fault waiting 15 minutes for slushies) the food has been hotter and fresher than many of the other places we’ve been getting takeout during the whole pandemic thing. They actually have pretty good cheese steaks. The best part about it is they don’t call them Philly cheese steaks!

First Time Getting Ice Cream At Little Dippers This Summer

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A couple of years ago we discovered that little dippers in Mount Joy has Penn State Creamery ice cream. We went there far too often the last two summers after discovering that they had the Penn State ice cream and just how good that stuff is. It’s easily some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. They have unique flavors and they have neat names for a lot of them.

I Just Ate Blueberries From The Store And They Were Actually Really Good

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They were on sale so we picked up to boxes of blueberries when we were at the store last week. I just now got around to eating them and unlike most times they were sweet and had an awesome blueberry flavor. It brought back good memories of being a kid or even an adult going to eight bees and playing in the woods. When they were ripe I’d spend lots of times eating blue berries straight off the blueberry bushes.

I Tried Something New To Me At Harvey's BBQ in Mount Joy

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We decided to head over to Harvey’s BBQ for supper tonight. We both love their pulled pork and the brisket is awesome too. I get that a often myself but wanted something a little bit different than the usual. I was actually considering a burger or something like that. Our server mentioned their specials, one of which was their southern lasagna which she said was pulled pork or brisket layered with BBQ sauce and mac and cheese.

Thursdays Were Pizza Day Growing Up

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As this is the time of the year that would have been getting closer to my dad’s birthday and also the time of the year he dies suddenly it’s had me thinking a lot and remembering a lot of thing growing up. One of those things that I always have fond memories of is getting pizza from Luca Pizza that was in the Woodhaven mall. That was really the only “going out to eat” we did growing up since the money wasn’t there.

Harvey's BBQ in Mount Joy's Ribs

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We’ve been meaning to get back to this place for a while but we like to walk and the weather’s been quite uncooperative for that. Today it worked out that we went over there and I am glad we did. Normally I get the pulled pork or beef brisket which have both always been amazing. Today the special was Ribs with a specialty sauce. I decided to try the ribs and I’m very glad I did.

Best Italian Food In Mount Joy

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We love going to┬áRosie’s Tavola for supper once in a while. Not as often as we’d like but it helps us appreciate it more when we do go. We’ve never had bad food there. I’ve had 5 or 6 different things since they’ve been open and It’s always Excellent. It’s one of our favorite places to go on our go out to eat night.

Philly Pretzels

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One of the things that I miss about growing up in the Philly area is how readily available soft pretzels were. Everyplace sold them. Shit, in the city they were sold on some corners.

Have An Urge Senapes Pitza From Hazleton

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I could eat some Senapes Pitza from Hazleton, PA. Nothing beats eating that stuff straight from the box. The crust is soft and stays pretty soft even if you let it sit out overnight. My mouth is salivating for some of that stuff. I really wish I could pick some of it up here. Hope we can do a geocaching and Senapes Pitza road trip this spring