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First Time Going Out To Eat Since The Pandemic Took Off

It’s Friday and two weeks past our second shot, so in following the CDC’s guidelines, we know we shouldn’t have any problems. Well, I have known that I was safe since I recovered from COVID-19 myself back in December. It did me no harm at all to be taking extra precautions though to protect others.

Today we decided we would walk to Joy’s and eat it there, and we were glad we did. The take-out we’ve been ordering from them has been for the most part excellent, but eating it there was a different level. The soft pretzels were steamy yet slightly crunchy.

My cheese steak was about as perfect as one is going to get, short of getting a good one in Philly. The nature of it being in the box for take out made it a little soggier when we brought it home, but eating it here that wasn’t even a factor. The slushies were good too.

It was nice to go out to eat instead of sitting here looking at the same four walls. It was worth it in the end though to watch out for others. If you are high risk and haven’t gone through the trouble to get yourself vaccinated yet (or not high risk for that matter) that’s tough shit. The option has been readily available for long enough now.