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Black Licorice Ice Cream

My girlfriend has been wanting Black licorice ice cream forever since she loves ice cream and black licorice. I personally made fun of her saying it sounds disgusting and that’s why we could never find it.

Finally I found it at so I paid entirely too much to get a pint shipped. I understand why it cost so much now after seeing how it was packaged in a cooler and dry ice. Amazon prime can screw with your expectations at times.

They shipped it Monday and it’s still frozen when it got here on Thursday so I wasn’t sure how it would be. It was packed in a cooler with lots of dry ice so it was still frozen. If anything too frozen to eat it.

The ice cream itself is actually from Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. Which seems to be in Wisconsin. It’s so cream and surprisingly the black licorice ice cream was really good. I mean I like black licorice a lot and who doesn’t like ice cream but I thought this combo wouldn’t work. I was surprised how good it really is and it’s very creamy ice cream. It might even give Penn State a run for it’s money!

Naturally me being the adult two year old that I am I had to play with the dry ice within 20 minutes of opening it.

it started with a shot of gentlemen jack for each of us. Next up was a bucket of hot water out on the patio then we got our cameras ready and I dumped the dry ice in the bucket. That was very cool! Next time we get something with dry ice we’ll have to have the grand kids over to watch from a safe distance.