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We Tried Mission BBQ in Lancaster For Lunch

We decided to give Mission BBQ a try in Lancaster today after hearing good things about it. The BBQ was pretty bland at best. It was sort of cold and dry with hardly any flavor at all. I expected more from the reviews but the reviews are upon reading them again all about the patriotic shit.

I could do with out the military worship stuff. It’s not that I have anything against veterans. I am extremely thankful for them but they’re no better than anyone else. It does annoy me how people and businesses use it to their advantage. You wanna be a patriot and support the veterans it takes more than standing for the national anthem. Pay more taxes to help out veterans. Actually do something.

The food, at least my BBQ wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. It was fast food. I’m sure we’ll give it another try some time but we won’t be going out of our way to get there, that’s for sure. Maybe we just hit it at an off day or time or something.