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Joy's For Takeout Again

We’ve gotten food and drinks from Joy’s Tavern for our weekly eating out night for the past few weeks. The food each time has been awesome. Other than last week (our own fault waiting 15 minutes for slushies) the food has been hotter and fresher than many of the other places we’ve been getting takeout during the whole pandemic thing.

They actually have pretty good cheese steaks. The best part about it is they don’t call them Philly cheese steaks! I get them pretty often from them and they’ve always been pretty good. I’ve been on a big cheese steak kick anyways..

The other week I thought I would try something different than fries for a change and got the onion rings. They were amazing and the sauce they gave was really excellent. It’s some horseradish and mustard type of thing but sure tastes great. I had a bunch of that left so I am actually going to get microwave pretzels to try dipping them in it tomorrow when we go to the grocery store.

Rather than the typical cheese steak that I have been getting I wanted to try something a bit different today so I got some bacon cheese burger that also has bacon inside of it. That was surprisingly really good. I thought it might be dried out a bit due to the nature of it and it being take out but it wasn’t.

They make their own adult slushies and they’ve been really tasty too. It’s nice that Pennsylvania has gotten with the times and now allows them to sell takeout drinks. The icy cold drinks have been great to have here at home given all the heat we’ve been having most of this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been really enjoyable to at least have the option of getting this stuff and bringing it home it’s not quite as fun as going there and hanging out ourselves or with the neighbors on occasion. It would be great to go in there right now and have supper and some drinks while watching the Flyers in the playoffs but that’s not happening this year. I’d definitely recommend checking out Joy’s if you’re in the area.