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First Time Getting Ice Cream At Little Dippers This Summer

A couple of years ago we discovered that little dippers in Mount Joy has Penn State Creamery ice cream. We went there far too often the last two summers after discovering that they had the Penn State ice cream and just how good that stuff is. It’s easily some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

They have unique flavors and they have neat names for a lot of them. There haven’t been any flavors I didn’t like so far.

Today I had Monkey Business Which was banana ice cream, peanut butter swirl and chocolate chips. Great choice it was too! It was really tasty. All of Penn state’s ice cream has always bee n just so creamy compared to anything else.

This day with the high humidity again and temperatures pushing 90℉ once again is the perfect sort of day to make our first ice cream run of the summer. Not sure how anyone can say they like this weather or that they enjoy it but it is what it is. It was nice to cool off with the soft sweet ice cream. The nearby thunderstorms the past couple of days without really any appreciable rain has only exasperated the humidity