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Fast Food

I am sure that I have mentioned it on here and I know my girlfriend and I talk about it pretty often but we really don’t get fast food that often anymore. At least we don’t get what I think of as fast food very often which is like Burger King or McDonald’s or the other places like that. I know Pizza is classified as fast food but I never thought of it as such.

A few weeks ago we got McDonald’s for our yearly shamrock shake thing. The shake was pretty good but damn that food was not good. It was cold and really didn’t taste and it was fucking expensive. It cost twenty some dollars for the two of us.

Fast forward to today and we’re both very tired. We had an urge for Burger King so we went there. It was so much better than McDonald’s had been. The burger was cold but at least the fries were hot. That Burger King is a joke and they’ve always managed to screw things up. We got bottled water instead of soda since we wanted to drink a glass of wine instead with supper.

The thing I don’t get is how we were able to eat this shitty food so much in the past. Ten years ago we’d get fast food more days out of the week than we didn’t and sometimes for lunch and supper. No wonder we were fat.