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Harvey's Has Beer Now!

We always enjoy the food when we go to Harvey’s Even before the fire, when they were a small place with a small room to eat, I always thought that they should have beer.

Beer would go great with the BBQ, right? Apparently, they’ve been working for quite a while to get a license, and they posted recently that they now have beer. We had to go check it out. They also have wine from a fairly local winery that we’ve drank with supper more than once.

We walked over for an early supper last night to see what they had and how it was. They have beers from Moo-Duck Brewery in Elizabethtown. I’ve read about them, but never had one. I ordered a Jacob St. one, which was excellent. After that, I had A beer for Dad which is a lager that really went well with my BBQ and brisket that I still had left to eat. Always eat salad first and whatever else, and save the meat for last!

It’s not as if we needed another reason to walk the couple of blocks to get Harvey’s, but now we do have another reason. We’re fortunate to have several great places within easy walking distance!