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Growing up we went to the mountains. We went to 8 Bees near Hazleton. That was my favorite place to be when I was younger. These pages are in some way related to that place or my memories of it.

Hunting Season

Hearing from an old friend I was reminding me of hunting season up the mountains.


Listening To The Wind Tonight

It’s pretty windy tonight I am hearing the occasional gust outside. It’s really reminding me of going to the mountains growing up. I’d often hear the wind blowing at night during the fall and hunting season


I Just Ate Blueberries From The Store And They Were Actually Really Good

Blueberries were on sale at the store so I got them. They were actually pretty good too. Not as good as the fresh ones I picked up at the mountains in the summer but these were greet for store bought ones.


Remembering Hazleton

I am having fond memories of going to 8 bees near Hazleton when I was growing up and even when I was older before I moved here.