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Remembering Hazleton

I used to get this pizza all the time when I went to the mountains with my grandfather. It was the Hazleton area. I’ve been wanting to find it again and knew it was only local to that area, but couldn’t remember what it was called.

Last Saturday we were geocaching in the Reading area and stopped by Sonic to eat and started talking to someone from Allentown. I had to ask if they knew what it was called, and they did. We’re going to go geocaching up there with a friend soon and I will get some of the pizza. Hopefully, it’s as good as I remember.-

Now if only we can get up to that area sometime again, so I can have halupkies. I would also love to find some bleenies. Those are good fried potato pancake type of things. Molly would probably like them too.

Most of my friends were from that area but I never get up there to see them. Some have died. I drank lots of beer with them and played with lots of fire.