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Hunting Season

Hearing from an old friend I was reminding me of hunting season up the mountains.


It's Funny How Small Things Bring Back Memories

It is funny how small things trigger memories. Sitting at a park yesterday, hearing the distant traffic on 283 reminded me of hearing the traffic on i-80 up at 8 bees.


Have An Urge Senapes Pitza From Hazleton

I could eat some pitza from Senapes. That was one of the things I ate a lot of at the mountains when we camped at 8 bees near Hazleton. It was just so good.


Hazleton Geocaching and Senapes Pitza

We went to the Hazleton area geocaching. We got some Senapes’s Pitza and I had fond memories of going to the nearby area as a kid.


Remembering Hazleton

I am having fond memories of going to 8 bees near Hazleton when I was growing up and even when I was older before I moved here.


Gypsy Moths

Last night they were talking about gypsy moths on the news. That reminded me of them eating everything green up the mountains when I was a kid. The summer looked like winter because off of the plants were bare and leafless.