Hunting Season

I heard from an old friend from the mountains. He said he was out at the camp and we talked a little bit about the old times.

I really spent a lot of time there and during hunting season I’d spend the week hanging out with the guys. I didn’t hunt myself but I certainly did drink beer, lots of beer and play cards. Any money I won playing cards went straight into the box for next year. I rarely won because my luck just sucks. We only played with change and of course I didn’t bet any money I didn’t plan on losing.

There were so many good times and so many stories I could tell and maybe someday I will but not right now.

I mentioned that he called to my girlfriend and she said I should go up there and hang out for a weekend. I think I agree with that. While it’s not really something I’d want to do all the time I think it would be alot of fun. It’s a shame most of the guys have moved on or died but I still think it would be fun. It really would be a good time to go back and drink too much beer again.

Not so much in the winter but during the summer we played horse shoes. On nice days during hunting season we might play. I was pretty good at it surprisingly. If I could get good mental map and line myself up that is. I couldn’t see the stake so I had to just know where it was.