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Listening To The Wind Tonight

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I am sitting here hearing the wind occasionally and it’s reminding me a lot of going to the mountains with Pop and/or my dad as a kid growing up. My dad went more during the fall and winter for hunting plus at that time he wasn’t umpiring and my brothers weren’t playing baseball. One of the things that I remember so fondly is the first fall days like this which it would be cold and windy and the first snow flurries of the year which I’m sure they had today.

My Greenhouse At My Nan And Pop's House

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My Nan and Pop didn’t have much money and always made what was available work for them. I was always very close to them. When I was a kid I took an interest in gardening and wanted a greenhouse. My Grandfather built one in his back yard. It was just a small wooden frame with various recycled windows he had around or got at work I guess. He built a couple of shelves in there and it surprisingly worked really well.

Here It Is, It's 2020

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I never understood what the big deal about new years is. It’s just another day. The year 2020 though is one that’s always seemed so far away since an assembly in early elementary school talked about the future and used 2020.

Neshaminy State Park

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We didn’t have a lot of money growing up. We didn’t do anything other than going to the mountains which was cheap and Sesame Place once a year because my dad got free tickets because his work made parts for them. We did often go to the nearby Neshaminy state park. It was mostly hiking but occasionally fishing at the marina. We went there very often when my dad got home from work.

Thursdays Were Pizza Day Growing Up

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As this is the time of the year that would have been getting closer to my dad’s birthday and also the time of the year he dies suddenly it’s had me thinking a lot and remembering a lot of thing growing up. One of those things that I always have fond memories of is getting pizza from Luca Pizza that was in the Woodhaven mall. That was really the only “going out to eat” we did growing up since the money wasn’t there.

Growing Up

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When we were kids we were never fat like so many kids are today. Until middle school we walked everywhere we went if my dad was working since he was the only one that drove (not that we really went anyplace due to lack of money but that’s another story.) I can remember walking to the Woodhaven Mall when I was a toddler and we lived at my grandparents. That was only a few blocks though.

It Is Nice To Hear The Kids Outside

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Sitting here reading something online I’m hearing the kids out side playing basketball where the neighbors have a basketball net up. Kids spend entirely too much time staring at a screen or playing video games. When we were growing up we were outside from morning until the street lights came on and supper time. We had to be in the house for supper and everyone stayed at the table to everyone was done eating.

Magnet Vs Old CRT TVs

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Something reminded me of one time when we discovered how cool a magnet manipulated the old CRT screens when we still had them. As kids, we didn’t know it could cause damage, and we may have gotten in a little trouble. Luckily, the TV got degaussed after being off for a while.