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Much, Much Cooler Today

Last week was hot and humid with temperatures in the mid to upper nineties for a few days. Today in contrast to that is a much cooler day with temperatures only in the lower 70s.

It’s been a strange day in which the weather is going from sunny and mild to a quick heavy shower then just like that the shower moves out and the skies clear only in time for more self destructing sunshine. The cool pool from the upper low only causes more cumulus clouds and to form. There was even one crack of thunder earlier. You can’t ask for better nicer or nicer temperatures like this in July.

I imagine if it were winter it would be one of those days with lots of snow showers over the mountains but they wouldn’t make it off the mountains with the down sloping drying them up. This time of the year there’s more energy and moisture to work with.

I completed the first repeat WOD of the vault today and felt good about the results. My score it self was a little lower than the first go around in early January but that’s because of few reasons.

First of all this time I used the 35 pound dumbbells instead of the 25s for the thrusters and devil presses. I’m still not super comfortable with performing the devil presses with heavier weights but I know that I am able to do them safely and need to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone more frequently. For me the thrusters are a complete nonissue. I can do them with any weight I feel like and as many reps as I feel like doing.

The second problem with today’s WOD is I started too hot and went way too fast early on. I didn’t feel like I was doing that but judging the timing sometimes is hard to gauge. I had to slow down more than I would have liked to in the later rounds as the sets got bigger.

The other disadvantage for me today for the WOD is I am once again feeling very tired. Not as tired as previous days but still tired enough that I crashed on the couch this afternoon for a while. I haven’t been sleeping super well and I think last week’s heat has me a bit run down. Oh well.

I keep thinking how nice this would have been for a fourth of July weekend up the mountains when I still went there. It was usually so hot for the fourth but that’s certainly not going to be the case this year. In some ways I miss those days but at the same time I wouldn’t want to go back to them. I loved my time there in the past but that’s where it stays.