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Old Action News Cast From Philly

This video link (Action News June 29, 1977 )was posted on Reddit, I think. Growing up just outside of Northeast Philly, Channel 6 was one of the channels we got. We rarely had cable growing up..

One constant in my childhood was my mom turning on Action news in the evening and when she woke up in the morning and wanted to “drink her fuckin coffee and smoke a fuckin cigarette.” That’s undoubtedly what she’d say. In the morning, I woke early most of the time. I heard that so many times in my childhood.

Every time I hear the music for that newscast, it reminds me of being a small kid. It’s funny how it hasn’t really changed in all these years. Even the video intro itself is still very similar if not the same as it was back then. It was funny seeing Jim Gardner, so young looking. Last I saw a link to something on Channel 6s action news, Jim Gardner was still there. That’s a long time. I know some other people from my childhood had retired or died.

I really don’t watch the news anymore. For one thing, it’s all fluff and very little actual news. I like how it was done back then. Straight and to the point with lots of content and none of that fluff. If they technology they have available to them back then that is there now, imagine how much more content they would have had. I guess attention spans have gotten so short today that they need to have fluff and 2 second sound bites.