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Neshaminy State Park

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up. We didn’t do anything other than going to the mountains which was cheap and Sesame Place once a year because my dad got free tickets because his work made parts for them.

We did often go to the nearby Neshaminy state park. It was mostly hiking but occasionally fishing at the marina. We went there very often when my dad got home from work.

There’s so many little things I can remember about going there. I remember seeing snakes especially in the winter when it’s chilly sunning themselves on the trails. Once in a while we’d see other animals too. Technically I didn’t see them but that’s not important.

I can still remember the salt smell from the river and the stench of the salty mod at the confluence of the Neshaminy Creek and Delaware River. When the tide was in it didn’t smell so much but when the tide went out it was stronger.

I can remember watching thunderstorms across the river over in Jersey. Even as a small child I was really obsessed with the weather and how it worked.

Our time in the woods at Neshaminy State Park really taught me to appreciate the free and simple things I think. Between that and going to the mounts I learned to love the outdoors.

It was always fun to see the boats going up and down the Delaware river. I don’t know how many still do but back when I was a kid there were some big boats and barges that still went past. I remember being excited for the “big waves” from the boats passing.

There was always the fun of looking for seashells. We couldn’t afford to go down the shore so this and our imagination was the best we had.

Some of the best times there were in the winter when there was some snow on the ground. It was then that Even I could spot the various animal tracks and ask what kind of animal they were from.

As we got older we went to the park less. My dad for one worked more hours and when he had off we went to the mountains more often or up to Tyler State Park in the winter.. Later on my brothers also all played sports so that’s where summer went then.