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It Is Nice To Hear The Kids Outside

Sitting here reading something online I’m hearing the kids out side playing basketball where the neighbors have a basketball net up. Kids spend entirely too much time staring at a screen or playing video games.

When we were growing up we were outside from morning until the street lights came on and supper time. We had to be in the house for supper and everyone stayed at the table to everyone was done eating. We also had to be at least in our own yard once the street lights came on.

Most of the summers were spent riding our bikes around the neighborhood. Everything was a ramp if you wanted it to be. We’d ride around all day with our friends some days.

Other days, at least in elementary school it was kickball. That was always fun. Sometimes it was football. Punching was allowed.

We had a basketball net on a tree on the side of the street and were out there all the time. Our street was not busy at all so we had to hardly even watch for cars. I know I spent many hours out there myself just shooting when my brothers got more interested in other things.

We really didn’t have much to watch on TV. We didn’t have cable and you could only watch so much of the same old reruns that were on broadcast TV during the day. That was reserved for rainy days or if we weren’t allowed to go outside.

We didn’t need organize sports when we were really young. It was us and any neighborhood kids that wanted to play. Just invent shit and make up the rules as you go.