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Climbing Trees

Yesterday’s post really made me remember how much fun we’d have climbing trees as kids. I think it was a daily occurrence during the summer when we had off school.

I remember climbing trees all the time when I was in elementary school. We’d see who could climb the highest. Pine trees were the easiest to climb. Looking out of the top was always fun!

We also had very tall trees we could climb if you could get up to the first branches. That one had nasty thorns, so you had to be careful. I had the disadvantage of not being able to see them, so I left my share of blood on there.

The birch trees up the mountains weren’t that tall, but you could climb them until they bent over. As soon as you were on the ground and let go, it would stand back up!

I don’t even know if kids do this sort of thing anymore. It really seems like from the kids I know and see around here that they are afraid to do anything.