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Dogwoods Blooming At The Park

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We were finally able to get out for a nice walk this evening. There’s just been too much going on. We saw some dogwoods blooming at Memorial Park.

The Bulbs At The Corner Are Flowering

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There are a bunch of various types of bulbs that someone planted in the vacant lot across the street. They’re in full bloom now. I noticed them this morning.

First Daffodil I Noticed Blooming

- 2 minutes, 309 words
We got out for a nice walk this evening after supper. The trees are blooming, and some bulbs are starting to flower.

Some Of The Trees Are Blooming

- 2 minutes, 270 words
Today I noticed or at least took the time to go get a picture of some of the trees that are blooming. This year they’re not going all at once but instead they’ve been more one at a time.

Another January Hibiscus Flower

- 2 minutes, 236 words
It’s almost February now and I noticed that our hibiscus had a flower that opened. It’s a nice change of pace from the temperature in the bedroom being in the upper 40s.

Our Hibiscus Is Still Getting Some Flowers

- 2 minutes, 265 words
It’s January now and our hibiscus plant that we brought in for the winter is still getting occasional flowers.

Nice Day Today

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It was a nice day today, unlike yesterday was. I got an older WOD done. After supper, we went for a walk and saw some flowers.

First Flowers I've Noticed This Spring

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It seems like just a few weeks ago it was still pretty chilly with snow on the ground and the threats of more of the white stuff in the forecast. We had to go pick a few things up and I waited in the car while Molly went into the store. They tend to have boxes everywhere and people everywhere so I decided I didn’t want to go in. While just looking around I noticed a patch of bulbs blooming near main street just to the side of where the car was parked.

Our Rose Is Still Blooming

- 2 minutes, 230 words
our rose still has clusters of flowersThis is a photo of some red roses blooming on our rose bush. I looked out the front door this morning to see if we had any monarch butterflies flying around yet and the rose clusters caught my attention. The sun was hitting them just right that they were glowing super bright. I wanted to get a picture of it to post here but naturally my phone was dead and on the charger this morning.

Found The Honeysuckles I've Been Smelling

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I have been smelling honeysuckles for days now but didn’t see them. Turns out they must have been in the deep shadow in the trees the other evening when I went to see if I could find them. These always remind me of our house in Andalusia that had many trees in the large yard. Right outside my bedroom window was a holly tree. Honeysuckles grew on that tree so I’d smell them every spring.