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The Bulbs At The Corner Are Flowering

I know I have shared pictures of the spring flowers in the past, but why not do it again? It always brings me joy to see the flowers in the spring and this is a way that I can share them with everyone and also shared them with my future self.

Yellow, White And Red Bulbs

This is a picture showing some red, yellow and white flowers blooming.

Purple And Yellow Flower Blooming

This is a picture showing some yellow and purple flowers blooming.

I am still thankful that the gentleman who used to live in a nearby house went through all that trouble to plant those flowers. There are all sorts of flowers that pretty much bloom all summer long.

You used to see him out there for hours at a time weeding and taking care of them. I like them as they are now a little better with them being a little more overgrown, but that’s my personal preference. It’s nice to see the flowers there all summer long.