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Grabbed A Few Caches While Running Around

We finally had the time to get out for a nice walk this afternoon and get a few geocaches while we were at it. We’ve been busy doing the garden stuff and grandkids birthday stuff the past few days, but we knew the weather was going to be cooperative today, so we planned on geocaching.

I needed to get a new MicroSD card and Molly needed to get a few things, so we changed our plans. Our original idea was to go over the northwest river trail, thinking it wouldn’t be infested with bikes today, but we went to Overlook park instead since we were already going down that way. That was a park where we ended up in the sun for the most part, and the sun felt good on this day with it getting up to near 80.

There were a couple of caches that I had solved a long time ago that required you to look up some history. I’m not really the biggest fan of that type of puzzle because it requires you find the same information they had. Often times you can find multiple conflicting answers. I do love history, though. Just not dates, exact name sand facts. I like the big picture when it comes to history.

At one point, when we were walking between caches, we heard then saw geese out in the grass. There were a bunch of younger geese too. They’re far from being babies at this point. They were pretty big, but it was still nice to see and hear them.

Bunch Of Geese In The Grass At Overlook Park

This picture shows a bunch of geese out in the grass. There are also some younger geese but they're nearly grown.

I grabbed a picture of the geese, then we continued on to another cache. When we were in that area, I kept hearing a familiar bird that I don’t hear around here that often. I always heard them growing up, but never realized what they were. This afternoon I used the Merlin app on my phone to listen and identify it. I learned today what red winged blackbirds sound like. It makes sense now because I used to see them growing up. There were lots of other birds singing and calling too.

On the way back through I saw these white flowers that I had to stop and take a picture of and of course see if they smell good.

White Flowers At Overlook Park

This picture shows white flowers in the brush at Overlook Park.