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Our Bleeding Hearts Are Beginning to Flower

Our Bleeding Hearts Are beginning to bloom

This photo contains bleeding Hearts are beginning to bloom. The flowers are red and white.

We’ve been wanting for a long time to come up with ideas for perennials to plant in our front yard that doesn’t get much sun. We’ve been planting annuals, which grow but can be a pain to have to find and plant what we want each year. Last year I came across bleeding hearts which are fine with shade, bloom for quite a while and are perennials. That ticks and the spots we wanted. Worst-case scenario is we dig them up and plant something else, or they just die.

We found some at Stauffers, so we got them and planted them last summer. The weather forecast had Thunderstorms in it that day, so we thought great, they’ll even get watered. The extreme rain, strong winds and if I remember correctly small hail knocked them down and flattened them. Parts of them were broken off so they basically struggled all summer last year with that shock and the transplanting. We were disappointed and had written them off as a failure.

A Few weeks ago small green shoots were appearing where we planted them, and we were hopeful but thought they could also be just weeds coming up. It didn’t take long to realize two of the bleeding hearts were growing back, and now the other two are coming up too!

We didn’t know when they would bloom, but late March we were noticing buds and now there are a few flowers on the two earlier bushes. With everything else going on, I had to share a picture to maybe brighten some else’ day.

It was a nice day for a change, so we finally got to enjoy some time on the patio again and even ate our burgers outside at the patio table.