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Some Of The Trees Are Already Blooming

It is only the middle of March, and some cherry trees across the street are already blooming. At least that’s what, I think, is blooming. The blooms are far from peak, but there are still a fair number of flowers on them. I noticed the first ones a few days ago.

The neighbor’s silver maple tree has already bloomed, and that blooming is winding down now. Soon, there will be thousands of seeds flying all over from it and dozens of small maple trees popping up wherever one takes hold.

I also noticed a few of the bulbs around the corner are starting to bloom. This seems to be early for flowers, but we had yet another mild winter this year. Sure, there were some cold days, but nothing prolonged or major cold outbreaks. That’s just how these past several years have gone.

The grass is green and growing rapidly now. By the looks of things, I will most likely be mowing in March. I noticed that the neighbor behind us was mowing last evening. There are some other trees in the neighborhood becoming quite green too.

I am sure that the mild weather last week really pushed things over the edge as far as growing. Between the sunny weather and the temperature in the seventies and mostly mild wet weather earlier, even when we had snow, it was above freezing. I think the last time it even got below freezing was back on the first of the month, so it’s no wonder the plants are springing to life.