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Firefly Petunias Got Here!

A couple of months ago, I read about some petunias that were made to glow with bioluminescence. That sort of thing is right up my alley. I knew I had to order some. They weren’t cheap, but they are unlike anything else out there.

Fast-forward to this week; they finally shipped, since the weather here is safer for them now. Right out of the box, I took one into the very dark basement doorway and closed the door to block the light. Parts of the plants had a very faint but visible glow to them. I had realistic expectations, and this plant met my expectations. It’s a novelty, but very cool nonetheless.

Firefly Petunias Fresh Out Of the Box

This a firefly petunia in the dark. There is a visible faint glow from parts of the plant

The plants seem pretty healthy. They obviously seem to be a bit stressed, but they shipped in a dark box with no light at all. Plants need the sun to make energy. I truly expected them to be in worse shape when they were delivered.

The plants can be bought at They’re not cheap but not as expensive as I would have expected something like this to be.