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Our Rose Is Still Blooming

our rose still has clusters of flowers

This is a photo of some red roses blooming on our rose bush.

I looked out the front door this morning to see if we had any monarch butterflies flying around yet and the rose clusters caught my attention. The sun was hitting them just right that they were glowing super bright.

I wanted to get a picture of it to post here but naturally my phone was dead and on the charger this morning. No problem, I can get the picture later but I kept forgetting about it and remembering it when I didn’t have my phone handy.

When I finally got out there it was basically cloudy. The flowers are still bright but not like they were earlier. The phone picture wouldn’t have done it justice this morning anyways.

It seems like the rose bush is winding down for the summer now except any stray flowers it gets in the fall. It didn’t seem as happy with this year’s weather as some of the past years but it was still nice to look out the front door and windows and be able to see it.

At least the white swamp milkweed is getting ready to bloom any day now. We also have red buds on the hibiscus out front and the pink swamp milkweed is growing like crazy but no buds yet.