This morning, the skies were clear at sunrise. The sun is also further north early in the morning, so it lights up the vacant lot across the street more, since our street runs east to west. I noticed that there were loads of purple flowers blooming in the field at first light this morning.

This is a picture of tons of purple flowers blooming mixed in with the green grass..

Purple Flowers In The Grass

It’s nice to see that, in my opinion. It really points out that spring is here. I like having that lot weedy like it is. I wish they’d just let it go wild. The Karen (we have a male and female version) wouldn’t allow that, though. Somehow that would have a negative impact on them.

I would much rather see a field of wild flowers and “weeds” that the wildlife can eat and hide in. Grass is boring.

Spring has sprung early around here after the mild winter. The maple tree already has its seeds starting, and the other trees are just now beginning to flower or get greenish buds.