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The Hibiscus Is Flowerering And Doing Well Inside

We know it will survive the winter because we’ve brought it in the past couple of winters, and it did well enough. It didn’t really actively grow, but it maintained itself with a few flowers throughout the winter. When we bought a grow light it helped it.

Last winter, we had it in our bedroom, which gets no natural sunlight at all in the winter. It’s also the coldest room in the house, but it did stay alive in there. We had the grow l light on for it all day long and that gave it some light.

This year, we got thinking that the room where my computer is has an east-facing window, which gets sun in the mornings during the winter. We never put it there before because we had a table, but we got rid of that table and the plant fights in that space nicely. It’s doing really well in that spot so far this season. The leaves and flowers have gotten smaller, but it’s still actually growing.

Hibiscus Still Flowering

This is a picture of a small but very bright flower in the sun coming through a window. It's an Orange Hibiscus