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Bumblebee On Our Swamp Milkweed

We spent the spring looking for butterfly weed last year. First we checked at Hostetters in Mount Joy but they didn’t have any yet. We found ourselves at Stauffers later for other plants and decided to check there. We found swamp milkweed instead so gave it a try. I grew well and did attract monarchs. It turned out to be white instead of the pink it was marked as but it was okay.

It managed to grow back this year in spite of the neighbor kids trampling it when it first sprouted. Same neighbor kids that trampled our strawberry plants by playing football in our garden. Their mother didn’t care. Here parenting philosophy is if they want to do it it’s their right to do it no matter what.

On to the positive now though. The milkweed to regrow and bloom again this year. Not quite as fully as last year but something is better than nothing I guess. We’ve had the normal white butterflies that you see all over the place around here visit the flowers but I haven’t noticed any monarchs yet and also don’t see any eggs or caterpillars yet.

I do see this bumblebee on the flowers every day all day long. All it does is crawl from flower to flower and maybe fly away for a few seconds and circle right back. It has flown into me just bouncing off my face while going between flower clusters.

This bumblebee hangs out on our milkweed flowers all day long

This photo is of a bumblebee hanging out on our milkweed flower.