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Mock Strawberry

Around noon today, it was near seventy and sunny. There was a nice slight breeze. It took that opportunity to take the cushions out and relax in the sunshine on the patio for a bit.

While I was out there, I was watching a robin hopping around the backyard randomly pecking stuff off the round like they do. Nan and Pop Pop always liked seeing robins in the yard, so I thought fondly of the memories of them as it went about its business. I was surprised how close it got before it went the other direction.

I closed my eyes for a bit and relaxed. When I was ready to come in and get a drink of water, I noticed several very bright yellow flowers along the patio in the grass. At first, I thought maybe they were buttercups. The flowers were that same bright yellow. I noticed the red strawberry looking fruits on the same plants, so I knew it was something else. Now I know what the flowers on those wild strawberries we get in our yard look like.

Mock Strawberry Fruits And F lower

This picture shows a bright yellow flower and also some small bright red strawberry looking fruits on some weeds in the grass.

Iโ€™ll take a โ€œweedyโ€ lawn over a perfect one any day. It is better for the wildlife, plus thereโ€™s always neat little surprises like this to notice.