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Another January Hibiscus Flower

It’s windy and cold today with the high temperature only in the 20s outside as the powerful bomb cyclone is moving up the east coast. We didn’t get much snow from it here but we’re getting the cold northerly winds now with the dew point crashing as the day goes on.

Being so cold and windy out and our bedroom being on the north side of the house and to make a long story short the the lady we got the house from’s nephew was fucking incompetent so we don’t use the electric baseboard heater in there. It’s installed in a way that the wire touches the bottom of it. It’s probably okay but neither of us trust it to not cause a fire. We’ll get it changed someday.

That causes our bed room to be cooler and today it’s in the 40s in there. Great for sleeping but not great for when you’re not under the covers. It was a joy to see the flower had opened when I walked past it to get my clothes to head out to the garage to workout. I am surprised at how well the plant is doing in that cool room with just a grow light during the day but it’s doing well. I would have thought it might hagve slowed down a bit more than it has.

Hibiscus Bloom

Flower in a hibiscus plant