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Some Of The Trees Are Blooming

This year, the (cherry?) trees are blooming in a more staggered way than they have in past years. I noticed one of them across the street was blooming last week, but it was a rainy day and I didn’t make it over there in time to get a picture. There are actually a lot of these trees growing over there in the tree line that seeded themselves from I guess the street trees. They came up shortly after AMTRAK took down all the old, mature trees that were there.

This morning when I went to the bus stop with Brooke I looked across the corner to see if the bulbs were blooming yet, and they weren’t The flowers seem to be a bit late this spring. We did have that late snow and sleet and some cold nights, so I’m sure the ground is a little cooler. There’s also been quite a few windy days this late winter and early spring. I’m convinced that’s blowing the blossoms off as quickly as they open this season.

I did notice that a few of the trees are blooming, so I had to go grab a picture of it to share. As I always say, you have to take advantage of and enjoy the free things that nature gives you, and I’ve been trying to share stuff I see more than I used to. It was especially nice for me to spot them this morning after being up most of the night with a stomach bug.

One of the trees across the street flowering.

This picture contains small pink and white flowers on a tree along the edge of the railroad tracks bank.