This afternoon we had to run someplace. Someone who’s not me forgot her phone. I rode along. When we pulled up at home to park, I noticed that the plants with the pink and white flowers were blooming. Since I’m the type of person that has to stop and smell the flowers, that’s exactly what I did.

I walked over to get a closer look at them. This year I could smell a strong sweet fragrance from them. I don’t remember smelling that in the past. Of course, I had to take pictures, so I could look back and remember them. As usual, I had to share the joy of it here too. Life’s short. Stop and smell the flowers.

This picture pink flowers.  There are some white flowers behind and below the pink ones.

Pink And White Flowers

In this picture there  is a plant with numerous white flowers. There are some pink flowers in the background behind the plant with white flowers.

White And Pink Flowers