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Our Hibiscus Has Lots Of little Flower Buds

It’s really been sort of surprising and interesting to watch how our Hibiscus plant is coming back again. A squirrel ate it bare right before we brought it save a few pieces of leaves and flower buds. It took a couple of months but those buds eventually opened and new smaller leaves appeared.

There are still small leaves but they’re slowly getting bigger. The thing that has been surprising to me is that it keeps getting flower buds. It seems it has more of those than leaves right now. They have been opening into much smaller flowers than it normally gets but it sure is nice to see some summer colors in the darkest part of winter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no secret that I love winter but this one has been just lame.

I am curious to see how the flower will do come spring once it warms up outside and we take it back out. I’m so glad we decided to bring it in the house again this year. The one we tried two years ago died but in hindsight I think we gave it too much water and the garage got too cold the one night. but now we have the heater on in there for working out and making it usable so it’s always in the 50s. It doesn’t get a ton of sun but we have it on a flat thing with wheels to make it easier to move from the area near the east facing windows where it gets morning sun and the south side where it gets afternoon sun.

New, small flower buds on the hibiscus in February.

This picture shows some new, small flower buds on a hibiscus plant.