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Lake Grubb

Every so often there are places that aren’t natural but turn into really nice places to visit or hike. Lake Grubb in Lancaster count is one of those spots.


Conoy White Cliffs

I found some pictures of from when we went out to Conoy White Cliffs near Maytown. I Figured I would upload them.


Rattling Run Trail Hike at Stony Valley

I came across pictures from our geocaching hike on the Rattling Run Trail at Stoney Valley. That was a great hike and awesome day on the mountain.


Remembering Thousand Steps Trail Hike

I came across some old pictures from when we did the thousand steps cache. That was a great little hike, and we hit the mountain on the perfect day to enjoy the fall foliage.


DNF On The Cache But We Saw Some Pretty Spring Flowers

We got over to Chickies Rock Park for a geocache today. Sadly, the cache was a DNF for us, but we did get to see some pretty spring flowers in bloom.


Cached On A New To Us Trail Today

We got to play in the woods for my girlfriend’s day off.


Saw A Train Along The River Trail

We got out on the recently refinished NW river trail for a nice walk and some caches. We heard a train coming, like you hear so often along those tracks, but this time we were at a break in the trees at just the right spot to get a picture of it approaching.


Governor Dick

Yesterday we did a short hike and some geocaching at Governor Dick Near Mount Gretna.