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Rattling Run Trail Hike at Stony Valley

I came across pictures while updating a hard drive and remembered this hike clearly. Some time ago. Probably 10 years ago we decided to go for a longer hike and geocaching. We were into that at the time and time allowed us to do it more than it does now. On this day we’d decided to go after one that was one we’ve wanted to get for years but never thought we’d be able to do the hike since it was something like 4 or 5 miles each way and when we started geocaching .10 was far.

This day the weather was perfect. It was sunny with a few clouds. It wasn’t that hot or humid so the perfect day for a nice hike. It started out with a 2 mile or so hike up the dirt road. The hike it self was not too bad. Not to rocky since it was mostly on a dirt road. I think we only saw one other person out there when we were up on the mountain. This day was a warm spring day with a bit of a breeze but nothing too strong.

We reached the top of the mountain and grabbed the first cache pretty easily. Saw a snake sunning itself on the trail. She hopped to see a rattle snake but we didn’t see any of those. We also hoped to possibly see a bear but didn’t see any.

We were fortunate that the gate to the tower was open so I had to check out the view from on on it. Granted it was windy up there and the vibrating and general movement of the tower was a little uncomfortable to me. One of these days I’d like to do this hike again.

View From The Fire Tower

This picture from the fire tower shows a somewhat hazy view of mountains. There a few clouds in the hazy skies.

View From The Fire Tower

This picture shows a somewhat hazy view from up on the fire tower. There are mountains and valleys in the background.